Past Meetings

collapse Meeting Date : 9/13/2023 ‎(1)
Sept 13 and 14 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda.pdfSept 13 and 14 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda
collapse Meeting Date : 5/16/2023 ‎(6)
May 16 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda.pdfMay 16 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda
COF Meeting Summary May 2023.pdfCOF Meeting Summary May 2023
Supporting Document5/16/2023
Joint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership Presentation.pdfJoint Chiefs Landscape Restoration Partnership Presentation
Supporting Document5/16/2023
Website Analytics May 2023.pdfWebsite Analytics May 2023
Supporting Document5/16/2023
2020 State Forest Action Plan Goals.xlsx2020 State Forest Action Plan Goals
Supporting Document5/16/2023
May 16 2023 Council on Forestry Minutes.pdfMay 16 2023 Council on Forestry Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/16/2023
collapse Meeting Date : 3/21/2023 ‎(6)
March 21 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda.pdfMarch 21 2023 Council on Forestry Agenda
BRIEFER_Old_Growth.pdfOld Growth Brief
Supporting Document3/21/2023
2022 Annual Dispute Resolution Process Report.pdf2022 Annual Dispute Resolution Process Report
Supporting Document3/21/2023
Farm Bill Summary_2018 through 2023.pdfFarm Bill Summary_2018 through 2023
Supporting Document3/21/2023
DNR Property Planning Presentation.pdfDNR Property Planning Presentation
Supporting Document3/21/2023
COF Minutes March 21 2023.pdfCOF Minutes March 21 2023
Meeting Minutes3/21/2023
collapse Meeting Date : 1/24/2023 ‎(10)
Jan 24 2023 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfJan 24 2023 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
20k Progress Report FY22.pdf20k Progress Report FY22
Supporting Document1/24/2023
Webpage AnalyticsDec21_Dec22.pdfWebpage AnalyticsDec21_Dec22
Supporting Document1/24/2023
Council on Forestry 23-25 Budget Letter 01-05-23.pdfCouncil on Forestry 23-25 Budget Letter 01-05-23
Supporting Document1/24/2023
Economic Contribution_Forest Products Industry_Wisconsin Economy 2022.pdfEconomic Contribution_Forest Products Industry_Wisconsin Economy 2022
Supporting Document1/24/2023
Forest Products Services Presentation.pdfForest Products Services Presentation
Supporting Document1/24/2023
Forest Regeneration Monitoring_Update.pdfForest Regeneration Monitoring_Update
Supporting Document1/24/2023
CoF_Federal_Funding_Overview_Jan_23.pdfFederal Funding Overview Presentation
Supporting Document1/24/2023
State Forest Action Plan Update Presentation.pdfState Forest Action Plan Update Presentation
Supporting Document1/24/2023
COF Minutes Jan 24 2023.pdfCOF Minutes Jan 24 2023
Meeting Minutes1/24/2023
collapse Meeting Date : 11/15/2022 ‎(12)
Nov 15 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfNov 15 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
Nov 15, 2022 Council on Forestry Recording_Part 1.m4vNov 15, 2022 Council on Forestry Recording_Part 1
Supporting Document11/15/2022
Nov 15, 2022 Council on Forestry Recording_Part 2.m4vNov 15, 2022 Council on Forestry Recording_Part 2
Supporting Document11/15/2022
Bat Habitat Conservation Plan Presentation.pdfBat Habitat Conservation Plan Presentation
Supporting Document11/15/2022
2023-25 370 DNR Budget Request.pdf2023-25 370 DNR Budget Request
Supporting Document11/15/2022
Carbon Budget Model Presentation.pdfCarbon Budget Model Presentation
Supporting Document11/15/2022
20 Year COF Anniversary Article_Draft.pdf20 Year COF Anniversary Article_Draft
Supporting Document11/15/2022
November 2022 Website Analytics.pdfNovember 2022 Website Analytics
Supporting Document11/15/2022
Forest Industry-Wide Strategic Plan Presentation.pdfForest Industry-Wide Strategic Plan Presentation
Supporting Document11/15/2022
One Trillion Tree Pledge Presentation.pdfOne Trillion Tree Pledge Presentation
Supporting Document11/15/2022
Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) Report Presentation.pdfWisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) Report Presentation
Supporting Document11/15/2022
COF Minutes Nov 15 2022.pdfCOF Minutes Nov 15 2022
Meeting Minutes11/15/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 9/13/2022 ‎(17)
Sept 13 and 14 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfSept 13 and 14 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
FY21 FEC Work Plan and Budget.pdfFY21 FEC Work Plan and Budget
Supporting Document9/13/2022
FY20 FEC Progress Report and Accomplishments.pdfFY20 FEC Progress Report and Accomplishments
Supporting Document9/13/2022
FEC Strategic Plan 2019-2021.pdfFEC Strategic Plan 2019-2021
Supporting Document9/13/2022
2020 FEC Annual Report.pdf2020 FEC Annual Report
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Supporting Document9/13/2022
CouncilMilwaukeeTour_2022.pdfCouncil Milwaukee Tour_2022
Supporting Document9/13/2022
WI County Forests Association Update 09132022.pdfWI County Forests Association Update 09132022
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Urban and Rural Forest Inventory Analysts Presentation.pdfUrban and Rural Forest Inventory Analysts Presentation
Supporting Document9/13/2022
State of Mass Timber in WI.pdfState of Mass Timber in WI
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Roadmap Org Chart & Roles.pdfRoadmap Org Chart & Roles
Supporting Document9/13/2022
UF Regional Economic Study Presentation.pdfUF Regional Economic Study Presentation
Supporting Document9/13/2022
COF Minutes Sept 13 and 14 2022.pdfCOF Minutes Sept 13 and 14 2022
Meeting Minutes9/13/2022
councilOnForestryMeeting_20220913.mp4September 13 Council on Forestry Meeting Recording
Supporting Document9/13/2022
Sept 14 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Recording.mp4Sept 14 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Recording
Supporting Document9/13/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 7/19/2022 ‎(10)
July 19 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfJuly 19 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
2023-25 Budget Summary.pdf2023-25 Budget Summary
Supporting Document7/19/2022
FY21 FR Expenditures Summary for Council on Forestry - DRAFT.pdfFY21 FR Expenditures Summary for Council on Forestry - DRAFT
Forestry Funding Committee_Topics for CoF Prioritization_6-21-22.pdfForestry Funding Committee_Topics for CoF Prioritization_6-21-22
Supporting Document7/19/2022
Draft Roadmap Summary_July2022.pdfDraft Roadmap Summary_July2022
Supporting Document7/19/2022
Draft Roadmap Visual_July2022.pdfDraft Roadmap Visual_July2022
Supporting Document7/19/2022
Workforce Innovation Grant Presentation.pdfWorkforce Innovation Grant Presentation
Supporting Document7/19/2022
BBB Grant_Wisconsin Tree-Imagined Overview.pdfBBB Grant_Wisconsin Tree-Imagined Overview
Supporting Document7/19/2022
BBB Grant_Innovation, Leadership, Engagement, Empowerment.pdfBBB Grant_Innovation, Leadership, Engagement, Empowerment
Supporting Document7/19/2022
July 19 2022 Council on Forestry Minutes.pdfJuly 19 2022 Council on Forestry Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/19/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 5/18/2022 ‎(10)
May 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfMay 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
CoF_March 2022_Breakout Roadmap Marketing_Summary.pdfCoF_March 2022_Breakout Roadmap Marketing_Summary
Supporting Document5/18/2022
Wisconsin Forest Industry Roadmap onepager.pdfWisconsin Forest Industry Roadmap onepager
Supporting Document5/18/2022
May 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfMay 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document5/18/2022
May 18, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4May 18, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Fed Funding DNR_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_Fed Funding DNR_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_NRCS_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_NRCS_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Strategic Direction_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_Strategic Direction_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Wood Collaborative Presentation.pdfCoF_Wood Collaborative Presentation
Supporting Document5/18/2022
May 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdfMay 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/18/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 3/23/2022 ‎(5)
CoF 03_23 Discussion Outline_Marketing and Roadmap.pdfCoF 03_23 Discussion Outline_Marketing and Roadmap
Supporting Document3/23/2022
March 23, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4March 23, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Feb 2022 COF Website Analytics.pdfFeb 2022 COF Website Analytics
Supporting Document3/23/2022
March 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfMarch 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document3/23/2022
Silviculture Guidance Team_Presentation_COF.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team_Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/23/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 3/22/2022 ‎(6)
Mar 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfMar 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
March 22, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4March 22, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
NTC Wood Science Program Presentation_COF.pdfNTC Wood Science Program Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
LEAF Program Presentation_COF.pdfLEAF Program Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
Trees for Tomorrow Presentation_COF.pdfTrees for Tomorrow Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
March 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdfMarch 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/22/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 1/13/2022 ‎(5)
Koch_Divison of Forestry Strategic Direction Overview.pdfKoch_Divison of Forestry Strategic Direction Overview
Supporting Document1/13/2022
Build Back Better Regional Grant_WPC Summary 12_21.pdfBuild Back Better Regional Grant_WPC Summary 12_21
Supporting Document1/13/2022
Jan 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfJan 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document1/13/2022
meeting_20220113_part1.mp4Jan 13, 2022 COF Zoom Recording - Part 1
Supporting Document1/13/2022
meeting_20220113_part2.mp4Jan 13, 2022 COF Zoom Recordings - Part 2
Supporting Document1/13/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 1/12/2022 ‎(9)
Jan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfJan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
Build Back Better Summary - Forestry provisions.pdfBuild Back Better Summary - Forestry provisions
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Congressional Research Service - Forest Service Assistance Programs - Jan 2022.pdfCongressional Research Service - Forest Service Assistance Programs - Jan 2022
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Bill text inc. appropriations - Forestry + wood products.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Bill text inc. appropriations - Forestry + wood products
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Guide to Infrastructure Bill.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Guide to Infrastructure Bill
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Summary - Forestry Provisions.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Summary - Forestry Provisions
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Hardin_Best Management Practices for Water Quality_Jan 2022.pdfHardin_Best Management Practices for Water Quality_Jan 2022
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Jan 12, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.m4vJan 12, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Jan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdfJan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/12/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 11/18/2021 ‎(6)
2022 Council on Forestry Communications Plan Draft.pdf2022 Council on Forestry Communications Plan Draft
Supporting Document11/18/2021
COF_ZoomMeeting_20211118.m4vNov 18, 2021 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Council on Forestry Legislative Update Nov 2021.pdfCouncil on Forestry Legislative Update Nov 2021
Supporting Document11/18/2021
FY21Great Lakes Restoration Initiative_FundedList.pdfFY21Great Lakes Restoration Initiative_FundedList
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Nov 2021 Forest Service Report.pdfNov 2021 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Draft Listening Session Summary Nov 2021.pdfDraft Listening Session Summary Nov 2021
Supporting Document11/18/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 11/17/2021 ‎(7)
Nov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfNov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
COF_ZoomMeeting_20211117.m4vNov 17, 2021 COF Zoom Meeting Recording
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Garrett_DSPS Mass Timber Task Force Update_COF.pdfDSPS Mass Timber Task Force Update_COF Presentation
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Rappold_Wood Innovations_COF.pdfWood Innovations_COF Presentation
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Nov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes_final.pdfNov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes_final
Meeting Minutes11/17/2021
Fowler_Maple Wood Markets.pdfFowler_Maple Wood Markets
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Johnson_Build Back Better Regional Challenge.pdfJohnson_Build Back Better Regional Challenge
Supporting Document11/17/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2021 ‎(8)
councilOnForestry_20210916.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - September 16, 2021
Supporting Document9/16/2021
CNNF Forest Service Report 9_16_21.pdfCNNF Forest Service Report 9_16_21
Supporting Document9/16/2021
COF Factsheet.pdfCOF Factsheet
Supporting Document9/16/2021
Possible WI Forest Industry Projects for Build Back Better.pdfPossible WI Forest Industry Projects for Build Back Better
Supporting Document9/16/2021
Timber Sale Bill 21-4628.pdfTimber Sale Bill 21-4628
Supporting Document9/16/2021
WI Forestry Opportunities_UWEx.pdfWI Forestry Opportunities_UWEx
Supporting Document9/16/2021
09-16-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdf09-16-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2021 ‎(1)
Council on Forestry Field Tour Agenda.pdfCouncil on Forestry Field Tour Agenda
collapse Meeting Date : 7/22/2021 ‎(2)
zoom-meeting_20210722.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - July 22, 2021
Supporting Document7/22/2021
07-22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.docx07-22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/22/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 7/21/2021 ‎(3)
zoom-meeting_20210721.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - July 21, 2021
Supporting Document7/21/2021
7-21-21 CoF Presentation Minutes.docx07-21-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/21/2021
07-21&22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agendas.pdf07-21&22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agendas
collapse Meeting Date : 5/20/2021 ‎(3)
Timber Harvest  Inventory Report - DNR State Lands CY19-20_Final.pdfDNR State Lands CY19-20 Timber Harvest Inventory Report
Supporting Document5/20/2021
CoF_BiennialReport_2019-2020_v5.pdf2019-2020 Council on Forestry Biennial Report
Supporting Document5/20/2021
05-20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.docx05-20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/20/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 5/19/2021 ‎(2)
5-19&20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdf5-19&20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
05-19-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes.docx05-19-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/19/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 3/25/2021 ‎(1)
03-25-21 CoF Meeting Minutes.docx03-25-21 CoF Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/25/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 3/24/2021 ‎(2)
3-24&25-21 Council on Forestry Mtg Agenda.pdf3/24&25/21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
03-24-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes.docx03-24-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/24/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 1/14/2021 ‎(2)
FRM 2021 COF 2-pager.pdfForest Regeneration Monitoring 2-pager info
Supporting Document1/14/2021
01-14-21 CoF Mtg Minutes Edited.pdf01-14-21 CoF Mtg Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/14/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 1/13/2021 ‎(1)
01-13&14-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.docx01-13&14-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
collapse Meeting Date : 11/18/2020 ‎(2)
11-18-20 COF Meeting Agenda.pdf11-18-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
11-18-20 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx11-18-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/18/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 9/17/2020 ‎(1)
9-17-20 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx9-17-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/17/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2020 ‎(2)
REVISED 9-16&17-20 COF Mtg Agenda.pdfREVISED 9-16&17-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
9-16-20 CoF Presentation Minutes.docx9-16-20 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 7/29/2020 ‎(2)
COF Mtg Agenda July 29 2020_f.pdf07-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
7-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx7-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/29/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 5/26/2020 ‎(2)
COF Mtg Agenda May 26 2020_f.pdf05-26-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
05-26-20 CoF Meeting Minutes Edited.docx05-26-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/26/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 1/23/2020 ‎(2)
01-23-20 COF Mtg Agenda.pdf01-23-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
1-23-20 CoF Mtg Minutes FINAL.docx1-23-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/23/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 11/20/2019 ‎(2)
COF Agenda_Nov 20 2019_final.pdf11-20-19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
11-20-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx11-20-19 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/20/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 9/11/2019 ‎(2)
COF Agenda Sept 11 2019.pdf9/11/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
9-11-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx9-11-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL
Meeting Minutes9/11/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 7/23/2019 ‎(2)
7-23-19 CoF Mtg Agenda.pdf7/23/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
Supporting Document7/23/2019
7-23-19 CoF Meeting Minutes.pdf7-23-19 CoF Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/23/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 5/8/2019 ‎(7)
COF Agenda May 8 2019.pdf5/8/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
MassTimberOverviewCoF.pdfMass Timber Overview PPT 5-8-19 CoF Mtg
Supporting Document5/8/2019
WiscDNRwoodConstructAWC.pdfTWB Construction Code Changes 5-8-19 CoF
Supporting Document5/8/2019
Council Research Direction.pdfCouncil Research Direction
Supporting Document5/8/2019
19-20_K-N_Stewardship_Letter.pdfKnowles-Nelson Stewardship Letter 2019
Supporting Document5/8/2019
GNAupdateCoF5-8-19.pdfGNA Update PPT 5-8-19 CoF
Supporting Document5/8/2019
5-8-19 CoF Mtg Minutes Final.docx5-8-19 CoF Mtg Minutes Final
Meeting Minutes5/8/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 2/20/2019 ‎(10)
COF Table Agenda Feb 20 2019.pdf2/20/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
forestproud effort.pdfNAFP's #forestproud Effort
Supporting Document2/20/2019
2019_COF_ResearchAgenda.pdf2019 Forestry Research Agenda PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
2019-2021_Division_of_Forestry_Research_Agenda_Final.pdf2019-21 Forestry Research Agenda
Supporting Document2/20/2019
ForestActionPlan_Feb2019.pdf2020 Forest Action Plan PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
WIForestActionPlan_Feb2019.pdf2020 Forest Action Plan
Supporting Document2/20/2019
COF FH Guidelines Feb 2019.pdfEAB Silviculture & HRD Treatment PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
Guidelines Update 2_2019.pdfEAB Silvicuture & HRD Treatment Guidelines
Supporting Document2/20/2019
High Priority Recommendations Timeline.pdfWFPS High Priority Recommendation Timeline
Supporting Document2/20/2019
Meeting Minutes2/20/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 12/18/2018 ‎(4)
12-18-18_CoFmtgAgendaGD.pdf12-18-18 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
CoF_Work Plan_decisions_10-23-18.pdfCOF Work Plan 10-23-18
Supporting Document12/18/2018
EAB-HRD_Guidelines_Update_12-18.pdfEAB/HRD Guidelines Update 12-18
Supporting Document12/18/2018
12-18-18_CoF_Meeting_Minutes_FINAL.pdf12-18-18 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/18/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 10/23/2018 ‎(9)
10-23 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfCOF Meeting Agenda - 10/23/18
LABfrAcctAuditCoF10-23-18.pdfLAB Forestry Account Audit PPT
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSupdatesCoF10-23-18.pdfWFPS October 2018 Update PPT
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSseasonalitySubcommitteeUpdate10-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSsilvicultureSubcommitteeUpdate10-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
FinalReportSilvicultureHandbookSurvey8-3-2018.pdfFinal Report - 2018 Silviculture Handbook Survey
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSEandOSubcommitteeUpdate9-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Outreach & Training Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WiFReconomyFactSheet10-23CofMtg.pdfWisconsin Forest Economy Fact Sheet 10-23-18
Supporting Document10/23/2018
Meeting Minutes10/23/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 5/31/2018 ‎(14)
WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee - Accompishment Reports.pdfWFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports Update May 2018.pdfMay 2018 Update - WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports.pdfWFPS Siviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports Update May 2018.pdfMay 2018 Update - WFPS Siviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Silv Handbook Survey FINAL DRAFT (5-30-2018).pdfSilviculture Handbook Survey
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Handbook focus groups report - May 2018 FINAL.PDFSilviculture Handbook Focus Groups: Summary of Observations
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Chapter 24_adhoc team members.pdfWDNR: Chapter 24 – Tree Marking Guidelines Ad hoc Team Members
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Strong_2018_05_Status of CNNF Presentation to Council on Forestry.pdfPresentation - Status of Sustainable Forest Management on the CCNF
Supporting Document5/31/2018
2018_05_GNA_Program_Income_Use_Decision_Wet_Signatures.pdfGood Neighbor Authority Program Income Use Memo
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Diebel_CoF_GNA_Prog Income_May 31 2018_v2.pdfPresentation - GNA Update: Accomplishments and Program Income
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Lyon_China Trade Mission 2018 5.30.18.pdfPresentation - 2018 China Trade Mission
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Priority CDAC Forestry Representative Vacancies.pdfPriority CDAC Forestry Representative Vacancies
Supporting Document5/31/2018
2018_05_31_COF Minutes.docx2018_05_31_COF Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/31/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 3/28/2018 ‎(9)
WI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Report.pdfWI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Report
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Feldkirchner WFPS Recommendations.pdfFeldkirchner WFPS Recommendations
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Forest Damage Shooting Permit Issuance Guidelines.pdfForest Damage Shooting Permit Issuance Guidelines
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Kuhn Emerald Ash Borer Update.pdfKuhn Emerald Ash Borer Update
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Lambert WPFAC.pptxWI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Updates
Supporting Document3/28/2018
State Foresters Report March 2018.pdfState Foresters Report March 2018
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Warnke Forestry Budget Update.pptxWarnke Forestry Budget Update
Supporting Document3/28/2018
minutes_20180328.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/28/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 1/31/2018 ‎(8)
sgtMembership_20180131.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team 2017 Membership
Supporting Document1/31/2018
silvicultureHandbookReview_20180131.docxReview of Silviculture Handbook Structure and Format
Supporting Document1/31/2018
silvicultureWorkPlan_20180131.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team and Silviculture Program Work Plan Proposal for FY17 and FY18
Supporting Document1/31/2018
wfpsImplementation_20180131.pdfWFPS Implementation
Supporting Document1/31/2018
alignmentUpdate_20180131.pptxForestry Alignment Updates
Supporting Document1/31/2018
budgetUpdates_20180131.pptxForestry Budget Updates
Supporting Document1/31/2018
minutes_20180131.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/31/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 11/29/2017 ‎(2)
minutes_20171129.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/29/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 8/23/2017 ‎(4)
BiennialReport_2015-2016_08152017.pdf2015-16 Biennial Report
Supporting Document8/23/2017
FPSRecommendations_Final_7-17.pdfWI Forest Practices Study Ad Hoc Team: Project Scope - July 2017
Supporting Document8/23/2017
minutes_20170823.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes8/23/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 5/18/2017 ‎(14)
minutes_20170518.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/18/2017
wfpsOutreachReport_20170518.pptxWisconsin Forest Practices Study (WFPS) Outreach and Training Implementation Team Report
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsRecommendations_20170518.pptxWFPS Seasonality Sub-Committee Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSilvicultureGuidelines_20170518.pptxWFPS Implementation Committee Silvicultural Guidelines
Supporting Document5/18/2017
timberHarvestInventoryReport.pdf2015-16 Timber Harvest and Inventory Report - DNR State Lands
Supporting Document5/18/2017
2017AssemblyBill64.pdf2017 Assembly Bill 64
Supporting Document5/18/2017
executiveBudgetFeb2017.pdfState of Wisconsin Executive Budget - February 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
2016ForestryFiscalSummary.pdf2016 Forestry Fiscal Summary
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSilvicultureRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Silviculture Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSeasonalityRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Seasonality Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
dnrFRAdmin.pdfWisconsin DNR Forestry Administration Organizational Chart - April 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
forestryDistrictMap.pdfWisconsin DNR Forestry District Map - April 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsCommAndEdRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Outreach and Training Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 1/26/2017 ‎(5)
minutes_20170126.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/26/2017
deerPositionPaper_20160915.pdfWisconsin Council on Forestry Final Deer Position Paper
Supporting Document1/26/2017
gnaTimberSalesSummary_20170126.pdfGNA Summary of Sold TImber Sale Values and Volumes
Supporting Document1/26/2017
batHCPStakeholderEngagement_20170126.pdfLakes States Forest Management Bat HCP: Stakeholder Engagement Process and Invitation to Participate
Supporting Document1/26/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 11/15/2016 ‎(2)
minutes_20161115.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/15/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2016 ‎(2)
minutes_20160915.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/15/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 7/14/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes2016-07-14.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/14/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 5/26/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes2016-05-26.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/26/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 3/29/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes-032916.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/29/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 2/5/2016 ‎(3)
COFMeetingMinutes2-5-16.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/5/2016
FR_HQ_COF_Feb_5_Presentation_Web.pdfProposal to Relocate the Division of Forestry Headquarters
Supporting Document2/5/2016
FR_StaffCNTY_Feb2016_F.pdfCurrent Division of Forestry Position Locations
Supporting Document2/5/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 12/7/2015 ‎(1)
CoF_Dec_7_conf_call_notes_f.pdfConference Call Notes
Supporting Document12/7/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 11/13/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-111315.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/13/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 9/30/2015 ‎(4)
Minutes-093015.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/30/2015
Kilgore WI Council on Forestry  09 30 15.pdfForest Property Tax Policy in the United States
Supporting Document9/30/2015
KilgoreWICouncilOnForestry093015.pdfForest Property Tax Policy in the United States
Supporting Document9/30/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 7/30/2015 ‎(3)
Minutes-073015.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/30/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 6/11/2015 ‎(1)
Minutes-061115.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/11/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 5/28/2015 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 4/7/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-040715.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes4/7/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 3/12/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-031215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/12/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 1/22/2015 ‎(6)
mflPrincipleComparison.pdfComparison of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota Forest Management Tax Incentive Programs
Supporting Document1/22/2015
mflProjectFinalPresentation.pdfWisconsin Managed Forest Law "Straw Dog" Presentation
Supporting Document1/22/2015
Minutes-012215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/22/2015
forestPracticesStudy-Jan2015.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study Project Summary - January 2015
Supporting Document1/22/2015
ForestryResearchFAQs-2015.pdf2015-2017 Forestry Division Problem Statements and Research Questions
Supporting Document1/22/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 11/13/2014 ‎(7)
mflUpdateNov2014.pdfMFL - Review of the Council's 2013 Potential Program Revisions
Supporting Document11/13/2014
Minutes-111314.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/13/2014
usfwsLetterNov2014.pdfUSFWS Letter - Northern Long-eared Bat
Supporting Document11/13/2014
forestryResearchPresentation2014.pdfForestry Research Agenda
Supporting Document11/13/2014
biennialReport2014.pdfWisconsin Council on Forestry Biennial Report
Supporting Document11/13/2014
bridgingGapNov2014.pdfBridging the Gap: Securing America's Working Forests
Supporting Document11/13/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 9/17/2014 ‎(11)
Minutes-091714.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/17/2014
WIMasterLoggerPresentation.pdfMaster Logger Certification Presentation
Supporting Document9/17/2014
WIWoodyBioHarvGuidelines.pdfWisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines
Supporting Document9/17/2014
ForestPracticesStudyPres-091814.pdfForest Practices Study Presentation
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal1-ActionPlan-091114.pdfGoal 1 - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal5-ActionPlan-081414.pdfGoal 5  - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal6-ActionPlan-091814.pdfGoal 6 - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal7-ActionPlan-072314.pdfGoal 7 - Action Plan (SAF)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal8-ActionPlan-080714.pdfGoal 8 - Meeting Brief
Supporting Document9/17/2014
2015-17BiennialBudget.pdf2015-17 Biennial Budget (Board Version)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
CNNFManagementPresentation.pdfGoal 2 - Presentation (CNNF Management)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 8/1/2014 ‎(4)
SRIMasterStewAgr-2014.pdfSRI Master Stewardship Agreement Project Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
StateOfCNNF-2014.pdfState of the CNNF Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
ForestCollaborative-2014.pdfWhat is a Forest Collaborative?
GovDesignHealthyForest-2014.pdfGovernor's Designations Under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 5/25/2014 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 5/21/2014 ‎(4)
Minutes-052114.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/21/2014
WFPSUpdate-060514.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study
Supporting Document5/21/2014
WISCORCWhitepaper.pdfWISCORC Whitepaper
Supporting Document5/21/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 3/25/2014 ‎(3)
MFLTaskEfficienciesConcepts.pdfMFL Task Efficiencies Concepts
Supporting Document3/25/2014
Minutes-032514.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/25/2014
EconomicSummitAPTimeline.pdfEconomic Summit Action Plan Timeline
Supporting Document3/25/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 2/7/2014 ‎(1)
Minutes-020714.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/7/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 2/6/2014 ‎(3)
MFLTestimony.pdfMFL Testimony
Supporting Document2/6/2014
MFLTaxesByMunicipality.xlsxMFL Taxes Collected and Distributed by Municipality
Supporting Document2/6/2014
ForestryAccountImpact.pdfForestry Account Impact
Supporting Document2/6/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 12/13/2013 ‎(2)
Minutes-121313.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/13/2013
Minutes-121313.docxCouncil on Forestry Meeting – Post Summit (December 13, 2013)
Meeting Minutes12/13/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 11/12/2013 ‎(3)
Minutes 11122013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/12/2013
FY15_17 budget brief.pdfFY15-17 Budget Process
Supporting Document11/12/2013
MFL Final Recommendation.pdfPopulating Committees for Three Remaining MFL Issues
Supporting Document11/12/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 9/9/2013 ‎(5)
COFMeetingMinutes09092013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/9/2013
DRAFT Research Direction.pdfDraft Research Direction
Supporting Document9/9/2013
Supporting Document9/9/2013
MFL Support DRAFT.pdfMFL Support DRAFT
Supporting Document9/9/2013
BHG Recommendations.pdfBiomass Harvesting Guideline Review
Supporting Document9/9/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 7/9/2013 ‎(3)
Minutes 07092013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/9/2013
COF-MFL-2013Recommendations.pdfThe Managed Forest Law - A Summary of Recommended Program Revisions
Supporting Document7/9/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 5/14/2013 ‎(2)
MFLRecommendations2013.pdf2013 MFL Recommendations
Supporting Document5/14/2013
Minutes 05142013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/14/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 4/22/2013 ‎(3)
MFL Powerpoint 042213.pdfMFL PowerPoint
Supporting Document4/22/2013
COF MFL Committee Report 041013.pdfMFL Committee Report
Supporting Document4/22/2013
COF Minutes 042213.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes4/22/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 3/19/2013 ‎(13)
Partner Evaluations.pdfPartner Evaluations
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Silviculture Update.pdfSilviculture Update
Supporting Document3/19/2013
StateForesterReport031913.pdfState Forester Report
Supporting Document3/19/2013
MFL-PotentialRevisions.pptMFL - Review of Potential Program Revisions
Supporting Document3/19/2013
AnnosumUpdate031913.docxUpdate on Implementation of Annosum Root Rot Treatment Guide for State Lands
Supporting Document3/19/2013
StateForesterReport031913.docxState Forester Report
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Economic Summit.pdfEconomic Summit
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Education and Outreach.pdfEducation and Outreach Update
Supporting Document3/19/2013
MFL-PotentialRevisions.pdfReview of Potential MFL Program Revisions
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Annosum Presentation.pdfAnnosum Presentation
Supporting Document3/19/2013
AnnosumUpdate031913.pdfUpdate on Annosum Treatment Guide Implementation
Supporting Document3/19/2013
COF Meeting Minutes 03192013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/19/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 2/1/2013 ‎(6)
MFLRevisionsforconsideration.pdfMFL Revisions for Consideration
Supporting Document2/1/2013
sb161_DNR.pdfFiscal Note from SB161
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLAccessmodification.pdfMFL Access Modification
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLAProgramPrimer.pdfMFL - A Program Primer
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLLeasingdoc.pdfMFL Leasing Document
Supporting Document2/1/2013
013113 Minutes.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/1/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 1/31/2013 ‎(14)
MFLPresentationFINAL.pdfMFL PowerPoint
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WIForestPolicies_costsandbenefits.pdfWI Forest Policies - Costs and Benefits
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_FY13-14workplan_DRAFT.pdfSilviculture FY13-14 Work Plan - DRAFT
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_guidanceteammodel.pdfSilviculture Team Model
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_guidanceteamscoping.pdfSilviculture Scoping Document
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Confirmed Stands 12142012.jpgAnnosum Confirmed Stands
Supporting Document1/31/2013
COFCertificationReviewReportFinalv12-11-13-2013.pdfForest Certification Report
Supporting Document1/31/2013
CostsandBenefitsofForestPoliciesinWIDec20.pdfWI Forest Policies - PowerPoint
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Forestry Certification Issue Brief.pdfForest Certification Issue Brief
Supporting Document1/31/2013
MFL_AssessmentFinalReport.pdfMFL Final Report
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Cost Analysis.pdfAnnosum Cost Analysis
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Issue Brief.pdfAnnosum Issue Brief
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Public Commen Summary.pdfAnnosum Public Comment Summary
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Treatment Summary  12142012.pdfAnnosum Treatment Summary
Supporting Document1/31/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 9/27/2012 ‎(8)
Nicole_Potvin_COF Presentation slideshow.pdfWorking Forest Conservation Easements and Wisconsin's Forest Legacy Program
Supporting Document9/27/2012
SJR WCOF Presentation.pdfWorking Forest Conservation Easements
Supporting Document9/27/2012
Working_Forest_Easements_Timber_Management_Tom_Hittle.pdfWorking Forest Easements -- Timber Management
Supporting Document9/27/2012
COFMeetingMinutes09272012.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/27/2012
DRAFT_Biomass_Scope_Document_09_25_2012.pdfReview of Wisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines DRAFT Scoping Document
Supporting Document9/27/2012
Education Update.pdfEducation Committee of Governor's Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Supporting Document9/27/2012
FY11RevenueExpendituresDRAFT.pdfForestry Account Fiscal Year 2011 Revenues Expenditures
Supporting Document9/27/2012
092712 Minutes.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/27/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 6/21/2012 ‎(13)
MGMT Structure mapping.pdfIntegrated Program Supervisory Structure
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Proposed annosum treatment guide May 7 2012 (2).pdfProposed guide: A risk-based guide for fungicide treatment to prevent Annosum root rot in Wisconsin
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Proposed Guide for Fungicide Treatment_201205141638.pdfProposed Guide for Fungicide Treatment to Prevent Annosum Root Rot in Wisconsin
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Timber Supply Committee briefing for Council on Forestry.pdfCouncil on Forestry's Timber Supply Sub-Committee Briefing
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Timeline for annosum guide development (2).pdfTimeline for the development of Annosum root rot guide
Supporting Document6/21/2012
COFMeetingMinutes120621.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/21/2012
062112 BHG Guidelines.pdfWisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines: Appendix D
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 BHG Soil Map Units.pdfSoil Map Units Limited by Biomass Harvesting Guidelines - June 2012
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 BHG Soil Maps.pdfChanges to 2011 List of Soil Map Units Limited by BHGs
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 Education Spreadsheet.pdfEducation Spreadsheet
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 MFL Update.pdfMFL Efficiencies Project
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 Programmatic Business Plans 6152012.pdfStrategic Direction Program Business Plans
Supporting Document6/21/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 2/15/2012 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes120215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/15/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 12/13/2011 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes111213.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/13/2011
collapse Meeting Date : 3/8/2011 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes110308.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/8/2011
collapse Meeting Date : 12/14/2010 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes101214.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/14/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 10/14/2010 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes101014.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes10/14/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 6/15/2010 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes100615.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/15/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 5/15/2010 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 3/18/2010 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes100318.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/18/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 12/15/2009 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesDec09.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/15/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2009 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes090915.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/15/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 3/17/2009 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes-090317.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/17/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 12/16/2008 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes-Dec08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/16/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2008 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes-Sept08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 6/17/2008 ‎(2)
MMK.pdfWisconsin's Global Warming Task Forece - Policy Recommendations Overview
Supporting Document6/17/2008
COFMeetingMinutesJune1708.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/17/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 3/18/2008 ‎(4)
MFLreport.pdfMFL Task Group Presentation
Supporting Document3/18/2008
COFMeeting MinutesMar08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/18/2008
MFL_TaskGroupReport_ExecSum.pdfMFL Task Group Report
Supporting Document3/18/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 12/18/2007 ‎(4)
COFMeetingMinutesDec07.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/18/2007
ManagedForests_FinalDec14_2007.pdfManaged Forests in Climate Change Policy - Program Design Elements
Supporting Document12/18/2007
CarbonMarkets.pdfForest Carbon Markets - Potential for Wisconsin
Supporting Document12/18/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 9/11/2007 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesSep1107.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/11/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 6/12/2007 ‎(3)
COFMinutes6-12-07.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/12/2007
COF_IB_FSCforMFL20070612.pdfFSC Certification for the Wisconsin Managed Forest Law - Tree Farm Group
Supporting Document6/12/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 3/13/2007 ‎(4)
StewardshipLetterGovNRB.pdfLetter to the Govenor - Knowles/Nelson Stewardship Program
Supporting Document3/13/2007
COFMeetingMinutesMar1307.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/13/2007
ForestryAccountLetter to GovNRB.pdfLetter to the Governor - Forestry Account Funds
Supporting Document3/13/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 12/20/2006 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesDec06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/20/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 9/13/2006 ‎(5)
WCOFdeerbriefing.pdfDeer Herbivory in Wisconsin Forests
Supporting Document9/13/2006
WICIProjectPlan.pdfWI DNR Project Plan for Developing Criteria and Indicators for Wisconsin's Forests
Supporting Document9/13/2006
COFMeetingMinutesSept06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/13/2006
CIIssueBrief082806.pdfWisconsin Criteria and Indicators Issue Brief
Supporting Document9/13/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 6/13/2006 ‎(3)
Delong-GoingOutOnLimb.pdfPaul DeLong's Speech
Supporting Document6/13/2006
LandSaleFeds5-1-06.pdfGovernor Doyle's Letter to USDA Regarding the Sale of National Forest Land
Supporting Document6/13/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 3/8/2006 ‎(5)
COFMeeting MinutesMar-08-06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/8/2006
DeerImpactsForests.pdfDeer Impacts on Forests
Supporting Document3/8/2006
DeerResearch.pdfDeer Research
Supporting Document3/8/2006
KovachDeerImpacts0306.pdfDeer Overabundance
Supporting Document3/8/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 2/6/2006 ‎(3)
MtgMinFeb06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/6/2006
ForestryCouncilLEED.pdfCertified Wood and Green Building
Supporting Document2/6/2006
GreenGlobes.pdfGreen Globe
Supporting Document2/6/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 12/15/2005 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 6/21/2005 ‎(1)
MtgMinJune05.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/21/2005
collapse Meeting Date : 3/17/2005 ‎(1)
MtgMinMar05.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/17/2005
collapse Meeting Date : 12/16/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinDec04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/16/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinSept04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 6/17/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinJun04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/17/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 12/17/2003 ‎(1)
MtgMinDec03.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/17/2003
collapse Meeting Date : 9/26/2003 ‎(1)
MtgMinSept03.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/26/2003