Past Meetings

collapse Meeting Date : 5/18/2022 ‎(9)
May 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfMay 18 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
CoF_March 2022_Breakout Roadmap Marketing_Summary.pdfCoF_March 2022_Breakout Roadmap Marketing_Summary
Supporting Document5/18/2022
Wisconsin Forest Industry Roadmap onepager.pdfWisconsin Forest Industry Roadmap onepager
Supporting Document5/18/2022
May 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfMay 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document5/18/2022
May 18, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4May 18, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Fed Funding DNR_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_Fed Funding DNR_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_NRCS_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_NRCS_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Strategic Direction_May 18 2022.pdfCoF_Strategic Direction_May 18 2022
Supporting Document5/18/2022
CoF_Wood Collaborative Presentation.pdfCoF_Wood Collaborative Presentation
Supporting Document5/18/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 3/23/2022 ‎(5)
CoF 03_23 Discussion Outline_Marketing and Roadmap.pdfCoF 03_23 Discussion Outline_Marketing and Roadmap
Supporting Document3/23/2022
March 23, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4March 23, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Feb 2022 COF Website Analytics.pdfFeb 2022 COF Website Analytics
Supporting Document3/23/2022
March 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfMarch 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document3/23/2022
Silviculture Guidance Team_Presentation_COF.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team_Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/23/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 3/22/2022 ‎(6)
Mar 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfMar 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
March 22, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.mp4March 22, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
NTC Wood Science Program Presentation_COF.pdfNTC Wood Science Program Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
LEAF Program Presentation_COF.pdfLEAF Program Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
Trees for Tomorrow Presentation_COF.pdfTrees for Tomorrow Presentation_COF
Supporting Document3/22/2022
March 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdfMarch 22-23 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/22/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 1/13/2022 ‎(5)
Koch_Divison of Forestry Strategic Direction Overview.pdfKoch_Divison of Forestry Strategic Direction Overview
Supporting Document1/13/2022
Build Back Better Regional Grant_WPC Summary 12_21.pdfBuild Back Better Regional Grant_WPC Summary 12_21
Supporting Document1/13/2022
Jan 2022 Forest Service Report.pdfJan 2022 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document1/13/2022
meeting_20220113_part1.mp4Jan 13, 2022 COF Zoom Recording - Part 1
Supporting Document1/13/2022
meeting_20220113_part2.mp4Jan 13, 2022 COF Zoom Recordings - Part 2
Supporting Document1/13/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 1/12/2022 ‎(9)
Jan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfJan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
Build Back Better Summary - Forestry provisions.pdfBuild Back Better Summary - Forestry provisions
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Congressional Research Service - Forest Service Assistance Programs - Jan 2022.pdfCongressional Research Service - Forest Service Assistance Programs - Jan 2022
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Bill text inc. appropriations - Forestry + wood products.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Bill text inc. appropriations - Forestry + wood products
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Guide to Infrastructure Bill.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Guide to Infrastructure Bill
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Summary - Forestry Provisions.pdfInfrastructure Investment and Jobs Act - Summary - Forestry Provisions
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Hardin_Best Management Practices for Water Quality_Jan 2022.pdfHardin_Best Management Practices for Water Quality_Jan 2022
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Jan 12, 2022 COF Zoom Recording.m4vJan 12, 2022 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document1/12/2022
Jan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdfJan 12-13 2022 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/12/2022
collapse Meeting Date : 11/18/2021 ‎(6)
2022 Council on Forestry Communications Plan Draft.pdf2022 Council on Forestry Communications Plan Draft
Supporting Document11/18/2021
COF_ZoomMeeting_20211118.m4vNov 18, 2021 COF Zoom Recording
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Council on Forestry Legislative Update Nov 2021.pdfCouncil on Forestry Legislative Update Nov 2021
Supporting Document11/18/2021
FY21Great Lakes Restoration Initiative_FundedList.pdfFY21Great Lakes Restoration Initiative_FundedList
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Nov 2021 Forest Service Report.pdfNov 2021 Forest Service Report
Supporting Document11/18/2021
Draft Listening Session Summary Nov 2021.pdfDraft Listening Session Summary Nov 2021
Supporting Document11/18/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 11/17/2021 ‎(7)
Nov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfNov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
COF_ZoomMeeting_20211117.m4vNov 17, 2021 COF Zoom Meeting Recording
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Garrett_DSPS Mass Timber Task Force Update_COF.pdfDSPS Mass Timber Task Force Update_COF Presentation
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Rappold_Wood Innovations_COF.pdfWood Innovations_COF Presentation
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Nov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes_final.pdfNov 17-18 2021 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes_final
Meeting Minutes11/17/2021
Fowler_Maple Wood Markets.pdfFowler_Maple Wood Markets
Supporting Document11/17/2021
Johnson_Build Back Better Regional Challenge.pdfJohnson_Build Back Better Regional Challenge
Supporting Document11/17/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2021 ‎(8)
councilOnForestry_20210916.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - September 16, 2021
Supporting Document9/16/2021
CNNF Forest Service Report 9_16_21.pdfCNNF Forest Service Report 9_16_21
Supporting Document9/16/2021
COF Factsheet.pdfCOF Factsheet
Supporting Document9/16/2021
Possible WI Forest Industry Projects for Build Back Better.pdfPossible WI Forest Industry Projects for Build Back Better
Supporting Document9/16/2021
Timber Sale Bill 21-4628.pdfTimber Sale Bill 21-4628
Supporting Document9/16/2021
WI Forestry Opportunities_UWEx.pdfWI Forestry Opportunities_UWEx
Supporting Document9/16/2021
09-16-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.pdf09-16-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2021 ‎(1)
Council on Forestry Field Tour Agenda.pdfCouncil on Forestry Field Tour Agenda
collapse Meeting Date : 7/22/2021 ‎(2)
zoom-meeting_20210722.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - July 22, 2021
Supporting Document7/22/2021
07-22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.docx07-22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/22/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 7/21/2021 ‎(3)
zoom-meeting_20210721.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - July 21, 2021
Supporting Document7/21/2021
7-21-21 CoF Presentation Minutes.docx07-21-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/21/2021
07-21&22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agendas.pdf07-21&22-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agendas
collapse Meeting Date : 5/20/2021 ‎(4)
Timber Harvest  Inventory Report - DNR State Lands CY19-20_Final.pdfDNR State Lands CY19-20 Timber Harvest Inventory Report
Supporting Document5/20/2021
CoF_BiennialReport_2019-2020_v5.pdf2019-2020 Council on Forestry Biennial Report
Supporting Document5/20/2021
zoom-meeting_20210520.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - May 20, 2021
Supporting Document5/20/2021
05-20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes.docx05-20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/20/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 5/19/2021 ‎(3)
5-19&20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdf5-19&20-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20210519.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - May 19, 2021
Supporting Document5/19/2021
05-19-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes.docx05-19-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/19/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 3/25/2021 ‎(2)
Zoom-Meeting 20210325.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - March 25, 2021
Supporting Document3/25/2021
03-25-21 CoF Meeting Minutes.docx03-25-21 CoF Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/25/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 3/24/2021 ‎(3)
3-24&25-21 Council on Forestry Mtg Agenda.pdf3/24&25/21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20210324.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - March 24, 2021
Supporting Document3/24/2021
03-24-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes.docx03-24-21 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/24/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 1/14/2021 ‎(3)
zoom-meeting_20210114.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - January 14, 2021
Supporting Document1/14/2021
FRM 2021 COF 2-pager.pdfForest Regeneration Monitoring 2-pager info
Supporting Document1/14/2021
01-14-21 CoF Mtg Minutes Edited.pdf01-14-21 CoF Mtg Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/14/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 1/13/2021 ‎(2)
01-13&14-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.docx01-13&14-21 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20210113.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - January 13, 2021
Supporting Document1/13/2021
collapse Meeting Date : 11/18/2020 ‎(3)
11-18-20 COF Meeting Agenda.pdf11-18-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20201118.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - November 18, 2020
Supporting Document11/18/2020
11-18-20 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx11-18-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/18/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 9/17/2020 ‎(2)
zoom-meeting_20200917.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - September 17, 2020
Supporting Document9/17/2020
9-17-20 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx9-17-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/17/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2020 ‎(3)
REVISED 9-16&17-20 COF Mtg Agenda.pdfREVISED 9-16&17-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20200916.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - September 16, 2020
Supporting Document9/16/2020
9-16-20 CoF Presentation Minutes.docx9-16-20 Council on Forestry Presentation Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 7/29/2020 ‎(3)
COF Mtg Agenda July 29 2020_f.pdf07-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
zoom-meeting_20200729.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - July 29, 2020
Supporting Document7/29/2020
7-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx7-29-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/29/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 5/26/2020 ‎(3)
COF Mtg Agenda May 26 2020_f.pdf05-26-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
councilMeeting_20200526.mp4Zoom Meeting Recording - May 26, 2020
Supporting Document5/26/2020
05-26-20 CoF Meeting Minutes Edited.docx05-26-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/26/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 1/23/2020 ‎(2)
01-23-20 COF Mtg Agenda.pdf01-23-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
1-23-20 CoF Mtg Minutes FINAL.docx1-23-20 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/23/2020
collapse Meeting Date : 11/20/2019 ‎(2)
COF Agenda_Nov 20 2019_final.pdf11-20-19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
11-20-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx11-20-19 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/20/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 9/11/2019 ‎(2)
COF Agenda Sept 11 2019.pdf9/11/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
9-11-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL.docx9-11-19 CoF Meeting Minutes FINAL
Meeting Minutes9/11/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 7/23/2019 ‎(2)
7-23-19 CoF Mtg Agenda.pdf7/23/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
Supporting Document7/23/2019
7-23-19 CoF Meeting Minutes.pdf7-23-19 CoF Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/23/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 5/8/2019 ‎(7)
COF Agenda May 8 2019.pdf5/8/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
MassTimberOverviewCoF.pdfMass Timber Overview PPT 5-8-19 CoF Mtg
Supporting Document5/8/2019
WiscDNRwoodConstructAWC.pdfTWB Construction Code Changes 5-8-19 CoF
Supporting Document5/8/2019
Council Research Direction.pdfCouncil Research Direction
Supporting Document5/8/2019
19-20_K-N_Stewardship_Letter.pdfKnowles-Nelson Stewardship Letter 2019
Supporting Document5/8/2019
GNAupdateCoF5-8-19.pdfGNA Update PPT 5-8-19 CoF
Supporting Document5/8/2019
5-8-19 CoF Mtg Minutes Final.docx5-8-19 CoF Mtg Minutes Final
Meeting Minutes5/8/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 2/20/2019 ‎(10)
COF Table Agenda Feb 20 2019.pdf2/20/19 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
forestproud effort.pdfNAFP's #forestproud Effort
Supporting Document2/20/2019
2019_COF_ResearchAgenda.pdf2019 Forestry Research Agenda PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
2019-2021_Division_of_Forestry_Research_Agenda_Final.pdf2019-21 Forestry Research Agenda
Supporting Document2/20/2019
ForestActionPlan_Feb2019.pdf2020 Forest Action Plan PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
WIForestActionPlan_Feb2019.pdf2020 Forest Action Plan
Supporting Document2/20/2019
COF FH Guidelines Feb 2019.pdfEAB Silviculture & HRD Treatment PPT
Supporting Document2/20/2019
Guidelines Update 2_2019.pdfEAB Silvicuture & HRD Treatment Guidelines
Supporting Document2/20/2019
High Priority Recommendations Timeline.pdfWFPS High Priority Recommendation Timeline
Supporting Document2/20/2019
Meeting Minutes2/20/2019
collapse Meeting Date : 12/18/2018 ‎(4)
12-18-18_CoFmtgAgendaGD.pdf12-18-18 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda
CoF_Work Plan_decisions_10-23-18.pdfCOF Work Plan 10-23-18
Supporting Document12/18/2018
EAB-HRD_Guidelines_Update_12-18.pdfEAB/HRD Guidelines Update 12-18
Supporting Document12/18/2018
12-18-18_CoF_Meeting_Minutes_FINAL.pdf12-18-18 Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/18/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 10/23/2018 ‎(9)
10-23 Council on Forestry Meeting Agenda.pdfCOF Meeting Agenda - 10/23/18
LABfrAcctAuditCoF10-23-18.pdfLAB Forestry Account Audit PPT
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSupdatesCoF10-23-18.pdfWFPS October 2018 Update PPT
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSseasonalitySubcommitteeUpdate10-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSsilvicultureSubcommitteeUpdate10-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
FinalReportSilvicultureHandbookSurvey8-3-2018.pdfFinal Report - 2018 Silviculture Handbook Survey
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WFPSEandOSubcommitteeUpdate9-18.pdfOctober 2018 Update - WFPS Outreach & Training Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document10/23/2018
WiFReconomyFactSheet10-23CofMtg.pdfWisconsin Forest Economy Fact Sheet 10-23-18
Supporting Document10/23/2018
Meeting Minutes10/23/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 5/31/2018 ‎(14)
WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee - Accompishment Reports.pdfWFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports Update May 2018.pdfMay 2018 Update - WFPS Seasonality Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports.pdfWFPS Siviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
WFPS Silviculture Subcommittee - Accomplishment Reports Update May 2018.pdfMay 2018 Update - WFPS Siviculture Subcommittee Accomplishment Report
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Silv Handbook Survey FINAL DRAFT (5-30-2018).pdfSilviculture Handbook Survey
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Handbook focus groups report - May 2018 FINAL.PDFSilviculture Handbook Focus Groups: Summary of Observations
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Chapter 24_adhoc team members.pdfWDNR: Chapter 24 – Tree Marking Guidelines Ad hoc Team Members
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Strong_2018_05_Status of CNNF Presentation to Council on Forestry.pdfPresentation - Status of Sustainable Forest Management on the CCNF
Supporting Document5/31/2018
2018_05_GNA_Program_Income_Use_Decision_Wet_Signatures.pdfGood Neighbor Authority Program Income Use Memo
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Diebel_CoF_GNA_Prog Income_May 31 2018_v2.pdfPresentation - GNA Update: Accomplishments and Program Income
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Lyon_China Trade Mission 2018 5.30.18.pdfPresentation - 2018 China Trade Mission
Supporting Document5/31/2018
Priority CDAC Forestry Representative Vacancies.pdfPriority CDAC Forestry Representative Vacancies
Supporting Document5/31/2018
2018_05_31_COF Minutes.docx2018_05_31_COF Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/31/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 3/28/2018 ‎(9)
WI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Report.pdfWI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Report
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Feldkirchner WFPS Recommendations.pdfFeldkirchner WFPS Recommendations
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Forest Damage Shooting Permit Issuance Guidelines.pdfForest Damage Shooting Permit Issuance Guidelines
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Kuhn Emerald Ash Borer Update.pdfKuhn Emerald Ash Borer Update
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Lambert WPFAC.pptxWI Private Forestry Advisory Committee Updates
Supporting Document3/28/2018
State Foresters Report March 2018.pdfState Foresters Report March 2018
Supporting Document3/28/2018
Warnke Forestry Budget Update.pptxWarnke Forestry Budget Update
Supporting Document3/28/2018
minutes_20180328.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/28/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 1/31/2018 ‎(8)
sgtMembership_20180131.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team 2017 Membership
Supporting Document1/31/2018
silvicultureHandbookReview_20180131.docxReview of Silviculture Handbook Structure and Format
Supporting Document1/31/2018
silvicultureWorkPlan_20180131.pdfSilviculture Guidance Team and Silviculture Program Work Plan Proposal for FY17 and FY18
Supporting Document1/31/2018
wfpsImplementation_20180131.pdfWFPS Implementation
Supporting Document1/31/2018
alignmentUpdate_20180131.pptxForestry Alignment Updates
Supporting Document1/31/2018
budgetUpdates_20180131.pptxForestry Budget Updates
Supporting Document1/31/2018
minutes_20180131.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/31/2018
collapse Meeting Date : 11/29/2017 ‎(2)
minutes_20171129.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/29/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 8/23/2017 ‎(4)
BiennialReport_2015-2016_08152017.pdf2015-16 Biennial Report
Supporting Document8/23/2017
FPSRecommendations_Final_7-17.pdfWI Forest Practices Study Ad Hoc Team: Project Scope - July 2017
Supporting Document8/23/2017
minutes_20170823.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes8/23/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 5/18/2017 ‎(14)
minutes_20170518.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/18/2017
wfpsOutreachReport_20170518.pptxWisconsin Forest Practices Study (WFPS) Outreach and Training Implementation Team Report
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsRecommendations_20170518.pptxWFPS Seasonality Sub-Committee Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSilvicultureGuidelines_20170518.pptxWFPS Implementation Committee Silvicultural Guidelines
Supporting Document5/18/2017
timberHarvestInventoryReport.pdf2015-16 Timber Harvest and Inventory Report - DNR State Lands
Supporting Document5/18/2017
2017AssemblyBill64.pdf2017 Assembly Bill 64
Supporting Document5/18/2017
executiveBudgetFeb2017.pdfState of Wisconsin Executive Budget - February 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
2016ForestryFiscalSummary.pdf2016 Forestry Fiscal Summary
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSilvicultureRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Silviculture Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsSeasonalityRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Seasonality Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
dnrFRAdmin.pdfWisconsin DNR Forestry Administration Organizational Chart - April 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
forestryDistrictMap.pdfWisconsin DNR Forestry District Map - April 2017
Supporting Document5/18/2017
wfpsCommAndEdRecommendation.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study - Outreach and Training Recommendations
Supporting Document5/18/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 1/26/2017 ‎(5)
minutes_20170126.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/26/2017
deerPositionPaper_20160915.pdfWisconsin Council on Forestry Final Deer Position Paper
Supporting Document1/26/2017
gnaTimberSalesSummary_20170126.pdfGNA Summary of Sold TImber Sale Values and Volumes
Supporting Document1/26/2017
batHCPStakeholderEngagement_20170126.pdfLakes States Forest Management Bat HCP: Stakeholder Engagement Process and Invitation to Participate
Supporting Document1/26/2017
collapse Meeting Date : 11/15/2016 ‎(2)
minutes_20161115.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/15/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2016 ‎(2)
minutes_20160915.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/15/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 7/14/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes2016-07-14.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/14/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 5/26/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes2016-05-26.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/26/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 3/29/2016 ‎(2)
Minutes-032916.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/29/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 2/5/2016 ‎(3)
COFMeetingMinutes2-5-16.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/5/2016
FR_HQ_COF_Feb_5_Presentation_Web.pdfProposal to Relocate the Division of Forestry Headquarters
Supporting Document2/5/2016
FR_StaffCNTY_Feb2016_F.pdfCurrent Division of Forestry Position Locations
Supporting Document2/5/2016
collapse Meeting Date : 12/7/2015 ‎(1)
CoF_Dec_7_conf_call_notes_f.pdfConference Call Notes
Supporting Document12/7/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 11/13/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-111315.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/13/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 9/30/2015 ‎(4)
Minutes-093015.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/30/2015
Kilgore WI Council on Forestry  09 30 15.pdfForest Property Tax Policy in the United States
Supporting Document9/30/2015
KilgoreWICouncilOnForestry093015.pdfForest Property Tax Policy in the United States
Supporting Document9/30/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 7/30/2015 ‎(3)
Minutes-073015.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/30/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 6/11/2015 ‎(1)
Minutes-061115.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/11/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 5/28/2015 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 4/7/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-040715.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes4/7/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 3/12/2015 ‎(2)
Minutes-031215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/12/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 1/22/2015 ‎(6)
mflPrincipleComparison.pdfComparison of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota Forest Management Tax Incentive Programs
Supporting Document1/22/2015
mflProjectFinalPresentation.pdfWisconsin Managed Forest Law "Straw Dog" Presentation
Supporting Document1/22/2015
Minutes-012215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes1/22/2015
forestPracticesStudy-Jan2015.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study Project Summary - January 2015
Supporting Document1/22/2015
ForestryResearchFAQs-2015.pdf2015-2017 Forestry Division Problem Statements and Research Questions
Supporting Document1/22/2015
collapse Meeting Date : 11/13/2014 ‎(7)
mflUpdateNov2014.pdfMFL - Review of the Council's 2013 Potential Program Revisions
Supporting Document11/13/2014
Minutes-111314.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/13/2014
usfwsLetterNov2014.pdfUSFWS Letter - Northern Long-eared Bat
Supporting Document11/13/2014
forestryResearchPresentation2014.pdfForestry Research Agenda
Supporting Document11/13/2014
biennialReport2014.pdfWisconsin Council on Forestry Biennial Report
Supporting Document11/13/2014
bridgingGapNov2014.pdfBridging the Gap: Securing America's Working Forests
Supporting Document11/13/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 9/17/2014 ‎(11)
Minutes-091714.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/17/2014
WIMasterLoggerPresentation.pdfMaster Logger Certification Presentation
Supporting Document9/17/2014
WIWoodyBioHarvGuidelines.pdfWisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines
Supporting Document9/17/2014
ForestPracticesStudyPres-091814.pdfForest Practices Study Presentation
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal1-ActionPlan-091114.pdfGoal 1 - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal5-ActionPlan-081414.pdfGoal 5  - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal6-ActionPlan-091814.pdfGoal 6 - Action Plan
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal7-ActionPlan-072314.pdfGoal 7 - Action Plan (SAF)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
Goal8-ActionPlan-080714.pdfGoal 8 - Meeting Brief
Supporting Document9/17/2014
2015-17BiennialBudget.pdf2015-17 Biennial Budget (Board Version)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
CNNFManagementPresentation.pdfGoal 2 - Presentation (CNNF Management)
Supporting Document9/17/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 8/1/2014 ‎(4)
SRIMasterStewAgr-2014.pdfSRI Master Stewardship Agreement Project Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
StateOfCNNF-2014.pdfState of the CNNF Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
ForestCollaborative-2014.pdfWhat is a Forest Collaborative?
GovDesignHealthyForest-2014.pdfGovernor's Designations Under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act Presentation
Supporting Document8/1/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 5/25/2014 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 5/21/2014 ‎(4)
Minutes-052114.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/21/2014
WFPSUpdate-060514.pdfWisconsin Forest Practices Study
Supporting Document5/21/2014
WISCORCWhitepaper.pdfWISCORC Whitepaper
Supporting Document5/21/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 3/25/2014 ‎(3)
MFLTaskEfficienciesConcepts.pdfMFL Task Efficiencies Concepts
Supporting Document3/25/2014
Minutes-032514.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/25/2014
EconomicSummitAPTimeline.pdfEconomic Summit Action Plan Timeline
Supporting Document3/25/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 2/7/2014 ‎(1)
Minutes-020714.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/7/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 2/6/2014 ‎(3)
MFLTestimony.pdfMFL Testimony
Supporting Document2/6/2014
MFLTaxesByMunicipality.xlsxMFL Taxes Collected and Distributed by Municipality
Supporting Document2/6/2014
ForestryAccountImpact.pdfForestry Account Impact
Supporting Document2/6/2014
collapse Meeting Date : 12/13/2013 ‎(2)
Minutes-121313.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/13/2013
Minutes-121313.docxCouncil on Forestry Meeting – Post Summit (December 13, 2013)
Meeting Minutes12/13/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 11/12/2013 ‎(3)
Minutes 11122013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes11/12/2013
FY15_17 budget brief.pdfFY15-17 Budget Process
Supporting Document11/12/2013
MFL Final Recommendation.pdfPopulating Committees for Three Remaining MFL Issues
Supporting Document11/12/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 9/9/2013 ‎(5)
COFMeetingMinutes09092013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/9/2013
DRAFT Research Direction.pdfDraft Research Direction
Supporting Document9/9/2013
Supporting Document9/9/2013
MFL Support DRAFT.pdfMFL Support DRAFT
Supporting Document9/9/2013
BHG Recommendations.pdfBiomass Harvesting Guideline Review
Supporting Document9/9/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 7/9/2013 ‎(3)
Minutes 07092013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes7/9/2013
COF-MFL-2013Recommendations.pdfThe Managed Forest Law - A Summary of Recommended Program Revisions
Supporting Document7/9/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 5/14/2013 ‎(2)
MFLRecommendations2013.pdf2013 MFL Recommendations
Supporting Document5/14/2013
Minutes 05142013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes5/14/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 4/22/2013 ‎(3)
MFL Powerpoint 042213.pdfMFL PowerPoint
Supporting Document4/22/2013
COF MFL Committee Report 041013.pdfMFL Committee Report
Supporting Document4/22/2013
COF Minutes 042213.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes4/22/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 3/19/2013 ‎(13)
Partner Evaluations.pdfPartner Evaluations
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Silviculture Update.pdfSilviculture Update
Supporting Document3/19/2013
StateForesterReport031913.pdfState Forester Report
Supporting Document3/19/2013
MFL-PotentialRevisions.pptMFL - Review of Potential Program Revisions
Supporting Document3/19/2013
AnnosumUpdate031913.docxUpdate on Implementation of Annosum Root Rot Treatment Guide for State Lands
Supporting Document3/19/2013
StateForesterReport031913.docxState Forester Report
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Economic Summit.pdfEconomic Summit
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Education and Outreach.pdfEducation and Outreach Update
Supporting Document3/19/2013
MFL-PotentialRevisions.pdfReview of Potential MFL Program Revisions
Supporting Document3/19/2013
Annosum Presentation.pdfAnnosum Presentation
Supporting Document3/19/2013
AnnosumUpdate031913.pdfUpdate on Annosum Treatment Guide Implementation
Supporting Document3/19/2013
COF Meeting Minutes 03192013.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/19/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 2/1/2013 ‎(6)
MFLRevisionsforconsideration.pdfMFL Revisions for Consideration
Supporting Document2/1/2013
sb161_DNR.pdfFiscal Note from SB161
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLAccessmodification.pdfMFL Access Modification
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLAProgramPrimer.pdfMFL - A Program Primer
Supporting Document2/1/2013
MFLLeasingdoc.pdfMFL Leasing Document
Supporting Document2/1/2013
013113 Minutes.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/1/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 1/31/2013 ‎(14)
MFLPresentationFINAL.pdfMFL PowerPoint
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WIForestPolicies_costsandbenefits.pdfWI Forest Policies - Costs and Benefits
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_FY13-14workplan_DRAFT.pdfSilviculture FY13-14 Work Plan - DRAFT
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_guidanceteammodel.pdfSilviculture Team Model
Supporting Document1/31/2013
WISilviculture_guidanceteamscoping.pdfSilviculture Scoping Document
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Confirmed Stands 12142012.jpgAnnosum Confirmed Stands
Supporting Document1/31/2013
COFCertificationReviewReportFinalv12-11-13-2013.pdfForest Certification Report
Supporting Document1/31/2013
CostsandBenefitsofForestPoliciesinWIDec20.pdfWI Forest Policies - PowerPoint
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Forestry Certification Issue Brief.pdfForest Certification Issue Brief
Supporting Document1/31/2013
MFL_AssessmentFinalReport.pdfMFL Final Report
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Cost Analysis.pdfAnnosum Cost Analysis
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Issue Brief.pdfAnnosum Issue Brief
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Public Commen Summary.pdfAnnosum Public Comment Summary
Supporting Document1/31/2013
Annosum Treatment Summary  12142012.pdfAnnosum Treatment Summary
Supporting Document1/31/2013
collapse Meeting Date : 9/27/2012 ‎(8)
Nicole_Potvin_COF Presentation slideshow.pdfWorking Forest Conservation Easements and Wisconsin's Forest Legacy Program
Supporting Document9/27/2012
SJR WCOF Presentation.pdfWorking Forest Conservation Easements
Supporting Document9/27/2012
Working_Forest_Easements_Timber_Management_Tom_Hittle.pdfWorking Forest Easements -- Timber Management
Supporting Document9/27/2012
COFMeetingMinutes09272012.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/27/2012
DRAFT_Biomass_Scope_Document_09_25_2012.pdfReview of Wisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines DRAFT Scoping Document
Supporting Document9/27/2012
Education Update.pdfEducation Committee of Governor's Council on Forestry Meeting Minutes
Supporting Document9/27/2012
FY11RevenueExpendituresDRAFT.pdfForestry Account Fiscal Year 2011 Revenues Expenditures
Supporting Document9/27/2012
092712 Minutes.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/27/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 6/21/2012 ‎(13)
MGMT Structure mapping.pdfIntegrated Program Supervisory Structure
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Proposed annosum treatment guide May 7 2012 (2).pdfProposed guide: A risk-based guide for fungicide treatment to prevent Annosum root rot in Wisconsin
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Proposed Guide for Fungicide Treatment_201205141638.pdfProposed Guide for Fungicide Treatment to Prevent Annosum Root Rot in Wisconsin
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Timber Supply Committee briefing for Council on Forestry.pdfCouncil on Forestry's Timber Supply Sub-Committee Briefing
Supporting Document6/21/2012
Timeline for annosum guide development (2).pdfTimeline for the development of Annosum root rot guide
Supporting Document6/21/2012
COFMeetingMinutes120621.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/21/2012
062112 BHG Guidelines.pdfWisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines: Appendix D
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 BHG Soil Map Units.pdfSoil Map Units Limited by Biomass Harvesting Guidelines - June 2012
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 BHG Soil Maps.pdfChanges to 2011 List of Soil Map Units Limited by BHGs
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 Education Spreadsheet.pdfEducation Spreadsheet
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 MFL Update.pdfMFL Efficiencies Project
Supporting Document6/21/2012
062112 Programmatic Business Plans 6152012.pdfStrategic Direction Program Business Plans
Supporting Document6/21/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 2/15/2012 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes120215.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/15/2012
collapse Meeting Date : 12/13/2011 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes111213.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/13/2011
collapse Meeting Date : 3/8/2011 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes110308.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/8/2011
collapse Meeting Date : 12/14/2010 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes101214.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/14/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 10/14/2010 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes101014.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes10/14/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 6/15/2010 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes100615.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/15/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 5/15/2010 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 3/18/2010 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes100318.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/18/2010
collapse Meeting Date : 12/15/2009 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesDec09.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/15/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 9/15/2009 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes090915.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/15/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 3/17/2009 ‎(1)
COFMeetingMinutes-090317.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/17/2009
collapse Meeting Date : 12/16/2008 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes-Dec08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/16/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2008 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutes-Sept08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 6/17/2008 ‎(2)
MMK.pdfWisconsin's Global Warming Task Forece - Policy Recommendations Overview
Supporting Document6/17/2008
COFMeetingMinutesJune1708.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/17/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 3/18/2008 ‎(4)
MFLreport.pdfMFL Task Group Presentation
Supporting Document3/18/2008
COFMeeting MinutesMar08.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/18/2008
MFL_TaskGroupReport_ExecSum.pdfMFL Task Group Report
Supporting Document3/18/2008
collapse Meeting Date : 12/18/2007 ‎(4)
COFMeetingMinutesDec07.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/18/2007
ManagedForests_FinalDec14_2007.pdfManaged Forests in Climate Change Policy - Program Design Elements
Supporting Document12/18/2007
CarbonMarkets.pdfForest Carbon Markets - Potential for Wisconsin
Supporting Document12/18/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 9/11/2007 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesSep1107.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/11/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 6/12/2007 ‎(3)
COFMinutes6-12-07.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/12/2007
COF_IB_FSCforMFL20070612.pdfFSC Certification for the Wisconsin Managed Forest Law - Tree Farm Group
Supporting Document6/12/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 3/13/2007 ‎(4)
StewardshipLetterGovNRB.pdfLetter to the Govenor - Knowles/Nelson Stewardship Program
Supporting Document3/13/2007
COFMeetingMinutesMar1307.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/13/2007
ForestryAccountLetter to GovNRB.pdfLetter to the Governor - Forestry Account Funds
Supporting Document3/13/2007
collapse Meeting Date : 12/20/2006 ‎(2)
COFMeetingMinutesDec06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/20/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 9/13/2006 ‎(5)
WCOFdeerbriefing.pdfDeer Herbivory in Wisconsin Forests
Supporting Document9/13/2006
WICIProjectPlan.pdfWI DNR Project Plan for Developing Criteria and Indicators for Wisconsin's Forests
Supporting Document9/13/2006
COFMeetingMinutesSept06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/13/2006
CIIssueBrief082806.pdfWisconsin Criteria and Indicators Issue Brief
Supporting Document9/13/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 6/13/2006 ‎(3)
Delong-GoingOutOnLimb.pdfPaul DeLong's Speech
Supporting Document6/13/2006
LandSaleFeds5-1-06.pdfGovernor Doyle's Letter to USDA Regarding the Sale of National Forest Land
Supporting Document6/13/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 3/8/2006 ‎(5)
COFMeeting MinutesMar-08-06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/8/2006
DeerImpactsForests.pdfDeer Impacts on Forests
Supporting Document3/8/2006
DeerResearch.pdfDeer Research
Supporting Document3/8/2006
KovachDeerImpacts0306.pdfDeer Overabundance
Supporting Document3/8/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 2/6/2006 ‎(3)
MtgMinFeb06.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes2/6/2006
ForestryCouncilLEED.pdfCertified Wood and Green Building
Supporting Document2/6/2006
GreenGlobes.pdfGreen Globe
Supporting Document2/6/2006
collapse Meeting Date : 12/15/2005 ‎(1)
collapse Meeting Date : 6/21/2005 ‎(1)
MtgMinJune05.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/21/2005
collapse Meeting Date : 3/17/2005 ‎(1)
MtgMinMar05.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes3/17/2005
collapse Meeting Date : 12/16/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinDec04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/16/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 9/16/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinSept04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/16/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 6/17/2004 ‎(1)
MtgMinJun04.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes6/17/2004
collapse Meeting Date : 12/17/2003 ‎(1)
MtgMinDec03.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes12/17/2003
collapse Meeting Date : 9/26/2003 ‎(1)
MtgMinSept03.pdfMeeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes9/26/2003