Tax Law Dispute Resolution Process

​​In 2015, the Wisconsin Council on Forestry (COF) discussed developing a formal third party Dispute Resolution Process (DRP) for Managed Forest Law and Forest Crop Law participants. After discussion, the COF voted to support development of a formal DRP. The intent is to give landowners, non-department and department foresters a process with which disputes over silvicultural practices and other issues could be resolved without perceived prejudice by any of the parties involved.

Under direction of the COF, the DNR facilitated work by an external advisory committee to develop this new process. The following are documents developed during the creation of the DRP. The DRP is funded by the Department and management of the process is contracted to Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc.

DRP Overview Documents

For more information and documents (including the mediator application), please visit the Steigerwaldt DRP webpage.