Woody Biomass Harvest Guidelines: Overview

Wisconsin's Forestland Woody​​ Biomass Harvesting Guidelines

Wisconsin's Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines focus on the sustainable harvest of woody biomass from forested areas within the context of generally accepted forestry practices, and provide considerations and recommendations applicable to stand and site-level management based on best available information. Implementation of the Forestland Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidelines is voluntary.

These guidelines, when applied in concert with other forest management guidelines (Forest Management Guidelines, Best Management Practices for Water Quality and the Silviculture Handbook), address potential impacts of increased biomass harvesting on biodiversity conservation, soil nutrient depletion, physical properties of soil and water quality.

The initial guidelines were designed by an advisory committee of affected stakeholders and approved by the Council on Forestry in December 2008. In 2013, the guidelines were reviewed and revised by the advisory committee, with the assistance of DNR staff, based on new research and operational information.

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