About the Council

​​​​​​​​​​Appointed by the Governor, the Wisconsin Council on Forestry is a diverse group of leaders in the forestry community who direct Wisconsin’s efforts to achieve sustainable forestry. The Council was created by State Statute 26.02 in July 2002 to advise the governor, legislature, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Commerce, and other state agencies on a host of forestry issues in the state. Read more

Forestry Practices Study

The 2013 Wisconsin Forestry Practices Study, begun in January 2014, is a two-year comprehensive study of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources forestry and forest fire prevention practices. Read More​​

Invasive BMPs

Invasive exotic species present what may be the greatest threat to the long-term health and sustainability of Wisconsin's forests. Help control the spread of invasive species! Read More​​

Deer Impacts

The Wisconsin Council on Forestry addresses concerns about the white-tailed deer population affecting the sustainability of forests in Wisconsin. The Council bases its findings on science-based and stakeholder reports. Read More

Forestry Economic Summit

Held on December 12 and 13 in 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin, the Governor's Forestry Economic Summit was an invite-only event to bring together Wisconsin's most engaged and knowledgeable forest industry stakeholders to learn and share information from all sectors of the industry. From private and public forest management trends and concerns to participation in the global forest economy, the summit sought to address all facets of the forest industry today while preparing for and addressing future challenges and opportunities. Speakers included representatives from industry, public and private forests, state and regional associations, universities and state agencies as well as elected officials. Read More