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Welcome to the Wisconsin Council on Forestry. This site serves as a gateway to information about Wisconsin forestry and the work of the Council. Appointed by the Governor, the Wisconsin Council on Forestry is a diverse group of forestry community leaders who support Wisconsin's efforts to achieve sustainable forestry. The Council was created by State Statute 26.02 in July 2002 to advise the Governor, legislature, Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies on a host of forestry issues in the state. For more details, visit the about the Council page​ or subscribe to GovDelivery email updates.

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Strategic Goals

The Council's top strategic goals to achieve its mission.

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Forest Industry

Ongoing efforts led by the Council to support, develop and diversify Wisconsin's forest products industry.
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Forestry Funding

Forestry program funding and budgetary needs supported by the Council.

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Biennial Reports

The Council's reports on various Wisconsin forestry topics and the Council's activities.​

Council News and Updates

Council Weighs in on 2024 Legislative Actions

​February 2023​

The Council was active in the early 2024 legislative session providing input on two legislative bills, SB965/AB1030 related to deer hunting in northern Wisconsin and SB999 which would allow motorized access on MFL lands.

Chair Hittle provided testimony at the Assembly Committee on Sporting Heritage on AB1030 and the Council submitted written information on SB965 to the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Sporting Heritage.

The MFL motorized access bill timeline did not allow the Council the opportunity to formally comment, although information was shared with Council members, with the following message from Chair Hittle and Vice Chair Dallman.

The Council historically has stood behind modifications to the Managed Forest Law that have upheld the statutory purpose, with an emphasis on the sound and sustainable management of private forestlands and the production of timber to fuel Wisconsin’s forest industry. We have advocated for modifications that encourage landowner participation and questioned proposed changes that we felt landowners would see as impacting the benefits that draw them towards entering a MFL contract. It appears from what we know of this bill, that the proposed change to allow motorized access will not be viewed favorably by landowners and would be contradictory to the Council's perspective of supporting and encouraging participation in the MFL. Weakening the MFL risks impacting the sound management of 3.4 million acres of privately owned forest land in MFL (of which nearly 1 million acres are enrolled as MFL open), as well as the supply of certified fiber that is crucial to our industry.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Upcoming meeting: Wednesday, May 29, 9:00 a.m.​
Location: 107 Sutliff Ave, Rhinelander, WI

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