Invasive Species Best Management Practices: Rights of Way

The Wisconsin Council on Forestry (WCOF) identified and ranked invasive species as the most critical issue facing Wisconsin's Forests. Invasive species, including plants, insects and diseases can kill trees and impact forest regeneration and productivity.

In response WCOF created the Forest Invasives Leadership Team (FILT) which in turn initiated efforts to collaboratively develop voluntary Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Invasive Species. Four BMP tracks, each with their own Advisory Committee, were created to fully address the issue of invasive species in Wisconsin's forests, including: Forestry BMPs, Recreation BMPs, Urban Forestry BMPs, and Transportation and Utility Rights-of-Way BMPs.

The overall goal of the Utility and Transportation Rights-of-Way BMP Advisory Committee was to develop a broad set of voluntary practices to minimize the further introduction and spread of invasive species within Transportation and Utility Corridors. The Advisory Committee envisions the BMPs as the first steps in minimizing the spread of invasive species through outreach and employee education.

We hope that this Wisconsin Council on Forestry initiative is recognized as a proactive approach to address the present and future threat of invasive species to Wisconsin's Forests and The Transportation and Utility Rights-of-Ways.